Easter Updates: EU Issue Guidance on How to Crack an Egg

The propaganda trolls of Brussels is not of to a good start with their “make people like the EU” campaign, concentrated on the social media. I’m not sure if it’s some kinda joke, or not, but the EU issued on Thursday an infographic on eggs. You know, since  is Easter and all… However, EU’s first “social directive” on how to crack an egg is rather confusing, as there seems to be only three approved ways to do it.

“Hen’s egg. An oval object laid by a female bird usually containing a developing embryo.”

The EU Administration


First – thanks for ruining an otherwise nice breakfast!  And secondly – I do actually know that. In fact, so does most six-years-olds, too. I appreciate the useless statistics, but why on Earth have you clever PR people decided to introduce three different ways to crack an egg! As if the member states don’t have enough disagreements already….

Besides the cracking issue – found at the bottom of the infographics – I found the following facts interesting:

Here’s the rest:

20130327PHT06881_original (1)


Examples of non-approved ways to crack eggs:












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