More Than 70,000 People Have Signed a Petition to Deport Justin Bieber

At last!

What Journalists Thinks About Journalism

Let me present you with a solid piece of good ol’ journalism, performed by the talented  at She was wondering about what journalists wish they had known before joining the industry? And she actually went out and asked them!

“I wish I had known that experience can teach you more than a text-book ever will, and that journalism is so much more than words.”

Elliott Lewis-George


Well, she didn’t physically go out and ask these people, of course. But – as you know – a tweet is as good as a wink. 

This is a type of reporting I definitely would like to see more of.

journalistLike; what did politicians wish they had known before they became politicians? Or; what do doctors wish they had known about medicine before they became doctors. And (perhaps), what prostitutes wish they had known before hitting the streets? It would be really, really interesting.

Anyway, back to the journalists, who obviously think they are over-worked, under.paid and not appreciated as much as they deserve. (Just like the rest of us, I guess)

Here are some response on the Twitter survey:

I wish I had known  that getting hands on experience will do you more good than a degree

Journalism isn’t all about writing any more, You need digital skills otherwise you’ll be lost

Everyone thinks asking you “hacked any phones recently?” is the funniest, most original thing in the world

I wish I had known how to file a tax return and do the boring side of freelance management. Not taught at all.

That freelancing is necessary and tax returns are considerably harder than Teeline ever was.

There’s very little money in it, and it’s insanely competitive. Only go into it if you’re 100 per cent committed

Journalism is a lifestyle

Stress is the norm. Do not lose your idealism, it what separates good and bad journalists


Oh, and if you are wondering about what bloggers thinks about blogging, click HERE.


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The EU Parliament Rules Facebook With 1 Million Followers

Nine months, thousands of Twitter trolls and $3 million later, the EU Parliament may finally announce that they’ve actually achieved something: 1 million followers on Facebook!


I don’t think there’s any EU citizens who will disagree that the massive campaign to improve the EU administration’s image in social media is a success – and money well spent!

One million people follow the European Parliament on Facebook, making it the biggest Facebook page of any of the European institutions, the parliament proudly announced on Monday.

In light of what the same Parliament have spent on different measures to improve their cracking image lately, it puts a price tag on every follower at about 3 buck. I don’t know if that’s in line with the current market rates, but it seems a little stiff to me…

But hey! One million followers!

Think about what you can do with one million Facebook followers!

No. seriously. Think about it.

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