People Aren’t Actually Reading the Stories They Tweet

…..and I thought it was just me !


Just because a story gets a lot of tweets doesn’t mean people are reading it.

Chartbeat, a company that measures real-time traffic for websites, says its data indicate that many people only spend a few seconds on an article page before tweeting it out. (Disclosure: TIME is a client of Chartbeat.) Chartbeat measures things like how far people scroll down, amount of time spent on a page and where they click next in order to determine whether people are actually reading content.

“We’ve found effectively no correlation between social shares and people actually reading,” Chartbeat CEO Tony Hailie tweeted on Feb. 2. Chartbeat’s lead data scientists, Josh Schwartz, told the Verge Friday that Hailie was referring specifically to tweets, though the same can presumably be said of Facebook shares.

“There is obviously a correlation between number of tweets and total volume of traffic that goes to an article,” he says. “But…

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