Happy Birthday Facebook!

I must admit you have given me lots of headaches and lots of mixed emotions, but you’re here to stay, it seems. And you managed to grow steady for 10 years now. Honestly – I’m impressed. So, congratulations to Mark Zuckerberg and rest of the Facebook staff, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


It is truly a remarkable story.  Check out this infographic on the Facebook history.



And here are some of the memorable moments we’ve shared together:

The EU Parliament Rules Facebook With 1 Million Followers
The End Or the Beginning of Facebook?
For $5 You Can Buy A Fake Facebook Girlfriend
Facebook Accused of Copyright Infringement for Its “Like” Button
Facebookcalypse, Now?
All Facebook Users Are Now Potential Terrorists
Want To Be Ben Bernanke’s Facebook Friend?
Great Entrepreneurs Break the Law
World Soon To Be Run by Powerful Networks, US Intelligence

 All Human Rights Reserved (h) 2014


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Facebook!

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