Google Wash Hands In Latest Report On Government Data Demands


Requests by governments around the world for user account have doubled in the last three years, according to a new “Transparency Report” from Google(s goog), which also reveals that such requests in the US have tripled during that time.

The report is significant because Google is a bellwether for trends in how governments are collecting information related to cloud-services like Gmail or Blogger. Other tech companies publish their own transparency reports, but the Google’s version is the most insightful since it is the most detailed and the company has been publishing them since 2010.

The new report covers the first half of 2013, and shows that the number of US demands has increased to nearly 11,000, compared to the 8,500 or so requests in the previous six month period. Around the world, the total number of government requests is at a new high of 25,879. The increase reflects…

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The EU Parliament Rules Facebook With 1 Million Followers

Nine months, thousands of Twitter trolls and $3 million later, the EU Parliament may finally announce that they’ve actually achieved something: 1 million followers on Facebook!


I don’t think there’s any EU citizens who will disagree that the massive campaign to improve the EU administration’s image in social media is a success – and money well spent!

One million people follow the European Parliament on Facebook, making it the biggest Facebook page of any of the European institutions, the parliament proudly announced on Monday.

In light of what the same Parliament have spent on different measures to improve their cracking image lately, it puts a price tag on every follower at about 3 buck. I don’t know if that’s in line with the current market rates, but it seems a little stiff to me…

But hey! One million followers!

Think about what you can do with one million Facebook followers!

No. seriously. Think about it.

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 All Human Rights Reserved (h) 2013

How Many Lies Can A Politician Stuff Into A Single Sentence About NSA Surveillance?

Interesting question.  I would guess  that it – at least partly – depends on how long the sentence is.  But over at has actually started to count –  the record so far is five.

(via Techdirt): In a recent comment on the site, reader PT pointed us to a statement from Representative Joe Heck explaining why he voted against the Amash Amendment. The statement was from back in July, soon after the Amash Amendment to de-fend certain NSA activities…


what the heck!

Representative Joe Heck, currently holder of the unofficial world record of lies in one sentence.

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