Happy Birthday Facebook!

I must admit you have given me lots of headaches and lots of mixed emotions, but you’re here to stay, it seems. And you managed to grow steady for 10 years now. Honestly – I’m impressed. So, congratulations to Mark Zuckerberg and rest of the Facebook staff, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


It is truly a remarkable story.  Check out this infographic on the Facebook history.



And here are some of the memorable moments we’ve shared together:

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Google Wash Hands In Latest Report On Government Data Demands


Requests by governments around the world for user account have doubled in the last three years, according to a new “Transparency Report” from Google(s goog), which also reveals that such requests in the US have tripled during that time.

The report is significant because Google is a bellwether for trends in how governments are collecting information related to cloud-services like Gmail or Blogger. Other tech companies publish their own transparency reports, but the Google’s version is the most insightful since it is the most detailed and the company has been publishing them since 2010.

The new report covers the first half of 2013, and shows that the number of US demands has increased to nearly 11,000, compared to the 8,500 or so requests in the previous six month period. Around the world, the total number of government requests is at a new high of 25,879. The increase reflects…

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Trader Blows the Whistle on Bernanke’s Secret Money Transferes

There is definitely something suspicious going on here. I just can’t put my finger on it…

mail fra ben

A trader who calls himself “LongShortTrader” (LST) – must be some hedge fund guy – just tweeted the email above, apparently from the US FED chairman, Ben. S. Bernanke, notifying LST of a USD 10 million cash inflow. It didn’t take him long to short this option…

Perhaps it was the Hotmail address that made him suspicious?

Or maybe the last remark?

“Thanks for banking with Federal Reserve Bank while we looking forward to serving you with the best of our service.”

Wow! That’s a bank I would trust with my money!

But something mysterious is going on here. I’m not thinking about the Hotmail address or the corny language.

Is it a coincidence that this email surface at this exact point in time, when the US government is shut down and the Federal Reserve over the last days have sold USD billions in new debt?

It is no secret that the US FED have agreements with certain banks to act as buyers at the US Treasury auctions, and some has even buy-back agreements with the FED just in case the debt should turn toxic. (You never know!).

But Nigerians?  Well, I wouldn’t be too surprised.

And if I were “LongShort”, I think I probably would hedge this one….

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