This Should End Well: Couple Asks the Internet to Name Their New Baby

Goodbye privacy !


Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 12.59.58 PM

Choosing baby names is far from child’s play, so one couple has invited the Reddit community to suggest some options, USA Today reports.

So far on, the most popular first name for the baby due Apr. 2 is Amelia, and the most popular middle name is All-Spark. “Megatron,” “Not Zelda,” and “Streetlamp” made the top 15 in the first name category, while at the bottom, the number “13”and “Kids’R’Gross” have thankfully only received one vote each, respectively. Highlights from the middle name submissions include “You” (21 votes), “_” (5), “LOL” (3), and of course, “Reddit” (7 votes).

Canadian software developer and  future dad, Stephen McLaughlin, said in a separate Reddit thread that he has been moderating the list closely and has only had to remove the names of “several STIs and a couple of sexual positions.” Generally, he said he is “quite surprised by how respectful people have been.”

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