Obama Calls Putin “Dick” and “Jackass”

Well, I guess that even an American president is allowed to get angry once in a while….  But when US President Barak Obama last night called  Russia’s Vladimir Putin for a “jackass” and a “dick,” it was probably not the best time or place to burst out opinions like that. It is  certainly not good for the atmosphere and the negotiation climate at the ongoing G20 meeting in St. Petersburg.

“If you think I’m the only one who feels this way, you’re kidding yourself,”

Barak Obama


This was not what the reporters at the joint press conference by Mr. Obama and Mr. Putin after day one of the G20 meeting in St. Petersburg was expecting. actually, they seemed quite shocked by the uncharacteristic behaviour of the US president who suddenly unleashed a ten-minute tirade at the stone-faced Russian President

“Everyone here thinks you’re a jackass. Look, I’m not just talking about Snowden and Syria,” Mr. Obama continued.. “What about Pussy Riot? What about your anti-gay laws? Total jackass moves, my friend.”

“If you think I’m the only one who feels this way, you’re kidding yourself,” Mr. Obama said, jabbing his finger in the direction of the Russian President’s face. “Ask Angela Merkel. Ask David Cameron. Ask the Turkish guy. Every last one of them thinks you’re a dick.”

Personally, I think this calls for a little fact checking. I do not know what Mrs. Merkel and Mr. Cameron actually thinks of Mr. Putin. And I definitively do not know what the Turkish guy think!

However, if anyone should know it has to be Mr. Obama and his friends at the NSA.

FULL STORY@ The New Yorker

Anyway…the G20 meeting is over, I presume_


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9 thoughts on “Obama Calls Putin “Dick” and “Jackass”

  1. Putin and Russia is an aggressor why would they not ask the U.N Security Council as member, to secure the country, it’s not about their interest they are the invaders if the U.N. does not go in with it’s own forces and implement a stabilizing force at the request of Ukraine then what is their purpose, you have one nation going against the voice of the world it is ridiculous.

    • The U.N couldn’t fight its way out of a wet paper bag if they had a neon light and directions pointing the way

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    • Perhaps… This is very strange behaviour from the US presidents side. Makes me wonder if it was some kind of spontaneous outburst, symptoms of tourette’s syndrom or a carefully planned tactical thing?
      What do you think?


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