Justin Bieber to sue Twitter users for asking why the f*** is he always trending

Ask me….ask me!…..

Pride's Purge

(satire – barely)

Singer Justin Bieber is taking advantage of the UK’s strict libel laws to sue thousands of Twitter users for asking the question why the f**k is he always trending on the popular social media platform.

This morning Mr Bieber asked police to investigate potentially tens of thousands of people in the UK who have failed to apologise for suggesting in tweets that they are completely baffled how someone so talentless could possibly be of interest to so many people.

Mr Bieber’s legal representatives explained the reasons why he was planning to sue people in the UK for asking the question about the singer which is on everyone’s lips around the world.

In a statement, Mr Bieber’s lawyers said:

Although he clearly can’t sing, Justin’s got lots of money – and UK law allows anyone with lots of money to sue the pants off anybody who hasn’t –…

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