The REAL Facebook Home (Beta Version)

I thought I would leave that last Facebook stunt alone, with absolutely no comment at all. But, sa many times before, I can’t resist…. The reason is that the creative minds at have managed to come up with an actually original question. Not only interesting, but also quite interesting.

“What if Facebook was to build a real home?”

Mark Zuckerberg introduced Facebook Home to the world today. This is a “family of apps” that make your Android phone more social. But what if Facebook made a real home? What do you think that might look like?

“Your dining room table would come equipped with a built-in Instagram camera so that none of your buddies on social media ever had to miss another meal of yours again. The walls would be transparent so that thepublic could always know what you were up to. But don’t worry about the foundation as every home is strength-tested by Sheryl Sandberg leaning into it. The house would be really green and economical too, with heat pumps drawing hot air from comments and even the foundation materials “borrowed” from other builders like the Winklevoss brothers. All built on top an Android platform. Each house also comes with connecting tunnels to your neighbors’ homes keeping you connected all the time.”


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