Group of Journalists Investigates Homosexuality: Is It A Sin?

Group of journalists investigates homosexuality? – I had to read it couple of times to make sure I understood it right… According to Center for Investigative Reporting (CIR), a group of investigative reporters have just released a comprehensive documentary in were they seek answer to the question; “is homosexuality a sin?” And why some of the largest Christian communities in the World will not allow same-sex marriage?

“They do not express full human complementarity and because they are inherently nonprocreative.”

US Catholic Bishops


Yeah, I can see why the second question is easier to answer than the first…  But the first one is, of course, the one that matters.  Speaking of experience, questions in general have a tendency to become more difficult to answer the more important they are.

The new documentary, “A Church Divided,” produced by the US Center for Investigative Reporting was recently presented to an audience in Northern California.

e6ff29a8-47cf-404c-995d-660e9d4b262dThe documentary origin from the fact that the US Catholic Church, with 68 million faithful oppose to same-sex marriage on the grounds that “they do not express full human complementarity and because they are inherently nonprocreative.”

“As the US Supreme Court prepares to decide the future of same-sex marriage nationwide, we’re looking to keep the discussion going. Please join KQED and CIR at the Delancey Street Theater for a screening of “A Church Divided” with producer Adi Sambamurthy and reporter Matt Smith. Glide Memorial United Methodist Church Pastor Karen Oliveto and Pacific School of Religion professor Randall Miller will round out the panel discussion after the screening,” the CIR writes in a press release.

The documentary follows California delegates to the United Methodist Church‘s 2012 global convention in Tampa, Fla.

There, church leaders discussed and voted on the future of the church and its official policy relating to gays and lesbians.

Progressive Methodists are seeking to remove language from church doctrine that declares that “the practice of homosexuality is incompatible with Christian teaching.” They want to see the church ordain openly gay and lesbian ministers and perform same-sex marriages, while traditionalists seek to retain the church’s existing stance.

Other mainline Protestant churches already have split over this issue.

I can promise you one Hell of a freak show!


And what is more: I have now decided to seek founding from the US center for another groundbreaking documentary I will seek answer to the question: “Is there a God?”

I expect the project to have a duration of about two years, and a prize tag of about $5 million.

Application, and a brief instruction to the project is underway!



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