It obvious that many traditional media, and marketing people, just don’t get it when it comes to social media… Perhaps they are still trying to figure out how many Facebook-likes it takes to make up a hundred dollar?….


Not long ago, “hyperlocal” was the buzzword of the day in the digital media business, and a number of major media entities — including the New York Times and AOL (s aol) — either acquired or started their own efforts in that direction. Now one of the pioneers of that movement has been abruptly shut down: NBC announced on Thursday that it has closed the doors on EveryBlock, the hyperlocal startup it inherited when it took full control of MSNBC last year, and the site has gone dark.

The broadcaster’s former partnership with Microsoft (s msft) acquired EveryBlock in 2009 for what sources said at the time was “several million dollars” — two years after it was founded by developer/journalist Adrian Holovaty with a $1-million grant from the Knight Foundation, one of the first winners of the now-annual Knight News Challenge (the original code for the project remains open…

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