PennyMac Offer Investors A 98 Million Pool Of Liquidty

PennyMac Mortgage Investment Trust is offering a $98 million pool of loans to investors, according to market sources.

“A way of exploring leverage”

PennyMac spokesman

One bidder who has seen the offering documents said the Calabasas-based vulture fund is marketing the loans as “mostly performing,” adding that investors are allowed to buy different portions of the pool.

No other details were available at press time, according to Structured Finance

A PennyMac spokesman said the company generally does not discuss its auctions until after a sale actually takes place. He noted that the publicly traded vulture fund and servicer will consider securitizing some of its assets “as a way of exploring leverage” but could not say anything concrete about the matter.

PennyMac also is rolling out a conduit to securitize agency quality loans and eventually jumbo mortgages.

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