Planes Forced To Change Destination Due To Ash Treath

Two aircrafts on route from Cyprus to Gothenburg Airport in Sweden and had to make a last minute change of destination because they were not safe enough for high levels of volcano ash in the air.

“The aircrafts are now undergoing an extended check before they will be ready for departure back to Cyprus later this afternoon and tonight.”

Lena S. Petersson

The ash levels are divided into three categories; the planes were only cleared for level one, while the airspace around  Gothenburg and at the airport, is located at level two, the Norwegian web site reports.

The two planes had to make landings in another Swedish airport, Örebro, where they’re now are undergoing maintenance.

“It was not possible to fly to the airport at Gothenburg, so the planes landed in Örebro. This was a planned diversion, which was settled last night,” Lena S. Petersson, communications director of Star Tour, says to the Norwegian news paper Dagbladet.

The aircrafts are now on the ground for an extended technical checks that have become a  routine because of the high ash levels in the air, the news paper writes on its web site.

Reported Ash In Engines

It was initially reported by the tour operator Star Tour that it was found ash in all engines.

But now the tour operators communication director say that this has not been confirmed.

“It was only a matter of if there was ash in the engines,or not, but it has not been proved by our people in Örebro. The aircraft is undergoing an extended check before they are ready for departure back to Cyprus later this afternoon and tonight, “ Petersson says.

It is the first time Star Tour experience ash problems after air travel began to work more normally.

Still, the incident raises more questions about the safety of air travel under these conditions.

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