Tuesday Morning Kickoff

Here’s some stuff to digest before markets open on Tuesday morning, provided by high5finance.

Top Stories:

* Trading Outlook: April 18 – 23, 2010

*Volcano Cloud Hangs Over European Economy

* Dow, S&P End Up After Financials Rebound

* IBM Profit Beats Forecasts

* Goldman Case Could Bring Major Changes to Wall Street

* Citigroup First-Quarter Profit More Than Doubles

* Merkel Undermines German Bunds

* Volcanic Ash Drifts Toward North America

* Airline losses from ash spiral over $1 billion

* EU Officials to Step In As Volcano Losses Rise

Latest News:

* Stocks in U.S. Rise

* European Airline and Travel Stocks Plunge

* Commodities Continue to Boom

* SEC Probing Other Soured Deals

* Greece Needs More Aid, Official Says

* Debt Worries Shift to Portugal, Due to Rising Bond Rates

* EU Ministers Strike Deal to Reduce No-Fly Zone

Latest Blog Posts:

* Econotwist’s Blog: Will The Goldman-Case Kill The OTC Market?

* StraightStocks.com: How Lending Greece a Hand Could get Germany Kicked out of the Euro

* Seeking Alpha: Past as Prologue for Oil

* Zero Hedge: Market Continues To Be Totally Busted: GS Up $2.5/Sh As CDS 7 bps Wider!

* The Huffington Post: Goldman Sachs: Too Big to Obey the Law

* Wall St. Cheat Sheet: China’s High-Rise Property House Of Cards: Jim Chanos

* The Euobserver: Cowardly Europe has lost its nerve

* Max Keiser: Is GBP being hammered in response to investigation into Goldman? Don’t Bet on It

Latest Analysis:

* “2011 Will Be Worse Than 2008”

* 4 Reasons Why the Goldman Sachs Fraud Scandal Is So Dangerous

* Trading The Goldman Impact

* IBM Earnings: Why Are the Shares Down?

* Three signs of a coming equity market correction

* Citi Looks ‘Good’ — But Watch Out for JPMorgan

Recommended Reading:

* Tale of Goldman’s fraud charges

* Legal Solution to CDO and CDS Ethics Problems

* A Winning Bet Carries a Big Price

* The Real Lesson From Current Goldman Sachs Bashing? Caveat Emptor

* We’re About to Find Out What Kind of Market This Really Is

* Greek Problems Will Drive Integration

* Wall Street reform: Washington’s next battle

* Pilot Unions Urge Caution

* Volcano Insurance, Anyone?

Video Reports:

* Medvedev About Obama’s Men: “I Don’t Want To Offend Anyone”

* Fears Uncontrolled Crisis In Europe

* Weekend Tea Party Rally In The U.S.

* U.S. Debt: Not Much Better Than Greek

* FED With A Fake Mustache


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