Wednesday Morning Kickoff

Here’s some good reading before markets open on Wednesday morning , provided by high5finance:

Top Stories:

* Trading Outlook: April 11 – 16, 2010

* Art Cashin: Expect a 3-4% Pullback Going Forward

* Asian Stocks Rise

* U.S. Stocks Recover

* Soros Says Greek `Death Spiral’ Danger Remains

* Euro-Zone Bond Market Pressures Remain

* U.S. Trade Deficit Grows

* The Dollar Remains Very Weak

* World oil demand to hit record high

Latest News:

Property Loss Pounds Morgan Stanley

* Quake Hits Western China

* Toyota suspends sales of Lexus

* Intel 1Q profit nearly quadruples

* FDIC weighs changes in its fees for big banks

* Intel Sales Forecast Tops Estimates

*Company With “No Equity Value” Is Most Actively Traded Stock

* Banks Fight to Block Derivatives Rules

Latest Blog Posts:

Econotwist’s Blog: Are Governments Producing Conspiracy Theories? Investing in Argentina and Conquering Your Fear of Risk

Seeking Alpha: Lehman Perfidy: Everybody Does It

Zero Hedge: A Deep Insider’s Walkthru To Silver Market Manipulation

The Huffington Post: Time for a New Humane Capitalism … or Else

Wall St. Cheat Sheet: Alan Greenspan thinks what everyone else thinks, but one fiscal quarter later.

The EUobserver: Summiting around

Latest Analysis:

* ‘Free money’ is stocks’ secret weapon

* Full Industrial Outlook With A High Yield Slant

* Q1 Earnings Kickoff: Alcoa Misses Big

* 5 Reasons to Watch Silver ETFs

* Greece: The Long Road Back

* “Double whammy”: Higher rates pose big risk for banks

Recommended Reading:

* Are mortgage defaults driving consumer spending?

* What Should Be Done About Market Bubbles?

* Insider Buying Hits New Lows

* Bond Investors Are Wary of Greek Sale

* New Ways to Read the Economy

* Consumers Are Facing the End of Cheap Credit

* ‘Earthshaking’ ways to fix U.S. debt

* Cash Crunch Will Force Governments to Do Less

Video Reports:

* Fears Uncontrolled Crisis In Europe

* Weekend Tea Party Rally In The U.S.

* U.S. Debt: Not Much Better Than Greek

* FED With A Fake Mustache


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