Wednesday Morning Kick Off

Here’s the evening collection from high5finance of useful information, analysis and opinions, related to Wednesday’s trading session.

Top Stories:

* Trading Outlook: March 22 – 26, 2010

* Adobe posts lower 1Q profit, exceeds expectations

* Stocks surge to 18-month highs

* Insider-Trading Arrests in U.K.

* Today in Commodities: Like Watching Paint Dry

* Germany Sets Tough Terms for EU Bailout for Greece

* 10 Year Swap Spreads Turns Negative

* The Top 10 Nordic Stocks

* Corporate Balance Sheets Show Surprising Strength

Latest News:

*AIG Increases Pay for Most Top Managers

* Obama Loan Program May Extend Foreclosure Crisis

* Pay Czar Eyes Wall Street’s Fat Wallets:

* Japan’s Exports Climb 45.3%

* Germany, France Agree to Back IMF Fund Aid for Greece

* World trade falls by 12 percent in 2009

Latest Blog Posts:

AIG: What Did FED Bail Out and Why? – Econotwist’s Blog

Sovereign Debt – Just Take The Punch? – MoonTalk

Which countries will be most politically stable in the coming depression? – StraightStocks

News Flash: Swaps Are Not Free Options – Seeking Alpha

-72% of Democrats, 84% of Republicans and 80% of Independents Think the Economy Could Collapse – Zero Hedge

My very first financial option – The Collector

Offentlig juling – Dagens Ledelse

Latest Analysis:

* GOP in for a ‘Shock’ Come November

* Gold, Dollar and Phase II of the Debt Crisis

* Banking on Financial Experience

* Bilateral Scapegoat: That Evil Yuan

* Howard Marks – I’d Rather Be Wrong

* The Good News About The Health Care Bill

Recommended Reading:

*Should ‘Private Equity’ Pay for Junior’s College?

* Special Report: The Battle Over Health Care

* Confessions Of A Value Investor: A Few Lessons in Behavioral Finance

* The War on Drugs Is Doomed

* The Next Crisis — Labor Shortages?

* In Buffett’s Bonds We Trust?

* GMO’s Edward Chancellor Discusses China’s Red Flags

Happy Trading !

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