Global Markets: Tuesday Morning Kick Off

Here’s some relevant stuff to digest before the markets open on Tuesday morning.

Provided by high5finance

Top Stories:

* Senate Passes Financial Reform Bill

* Trading Outlook: March 22 – 26, 2010

* European Markets: Tumbling Dice

* Stocks in U.S. Halt Global Decline; Dollar Retreats

* Monday’s closing numbers

* This Is Still a Bear-Market Rally

* Crude Oil Likely to Extend Losses

* On Tap Tuesday: Walgreen Earnings, Existing Home Sales

* The Top 10 Nordic Stocks

* Moody’s Warns Of Upcoming Bank Downgrades

Latest News:

* European Markets: Tumbling Dice

* Democrats Push Financial Bill Through

* Stocks in U.S. Halt Global Decline

* Euro Rises From Three-Week Low

* Divisions Deepen Over Greek Aid

* World trade falls by 12 percent in 2009

Blog Posts:

AIG: What Did FED Bail Out and Why? – Econotwist’s Blog

Sovereign Debt – Just Take The Punch? – MoonTalk

Financial Talk Show Circuit –

The Case for Frontier Markets – Seeking Alpha

Furious China Responds To Google – Zero Hedge

My very first financial option – The Collector

Modig, sexy og ubetenksom – Dagens Ledelse


* The Battle Over Health Care

* A Villain in German Competitiveness

* How to Be Your Own Financial Regulator

* Bilateral Scapegoat: That Evil Yuan

* Our Greatest New Threat

* Japan Becoming ‘Irrelevant’ in Global Economy


*Should ‘Private Equity’ Pay for Junior’s College?

* George Soros’ Reflexivity Theory

* Confessions Of A Value Investor: A Few Lessons in Behavioral Finance

* Once You Catch a Few EU Countries “Stretching the Truth”, Why Should You Trust the Rest?

* The Euro Is in Deep Trouble

* 6 Cheap Oil Opportunities

* Understanding the Euro zone’s struct

Happy Trading !

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