The Top 10 Nordic Stocks

Here’s the list of the 10 best bets in the Scandinavian stock market for the next six months. The list is put together by the Oslo based research company, one of Europe’s leading experts in technical analysis. According to the graphs, Nasdaq OMX Stockholm is the place to be over the next weeks.

“OMX Stockholm 30 Index is in a rising trend and further rise is indicated.”

Analyst Asbjørn Taugsbøl and Head of Research Geir Linløkken

Once a week the technical analysts at publish a list of stocks witch has the biggest potential upside, according to their analysis. The researchers latest Top 10 List consist mainly of companies listed at the Nasdaq OMX Exchange in Stockholm, Sweden.

Investtech was established in 1997 and works with research within behavioral finance. The research work is supported by The Research Council of Norway and the results are used in our analysis, as well as being published in a number of interesting research reports.

Many analysis have also been tested this way, with impressive results.

Investtech’s analysis are based on advanced mathematical algorithms which identify important elements within behavioral finance.

This ensures that the analysis are objective and consistent for further use.

In addition, the analysis are arranged in a simple and comprehensible manner, enabling them to be quickly and easily utilized.

The algorithms and the quantitative results provide many unique possibilities for sorting a broad selection of shares, indices, raw materials and currency based on various criteria.

Index Analysis

OSEBX (Oslo, Norway):

The Oslo Benchmark Index is in an upward trend and further rise is indicated.

The index is approaching the resistance level at about 385 points, which can result in a reaction down.

The index is considered technically positive for medium term.

Nasdaq OMX 30 (Stockholm, Sweden):

OMX Stockholm 30 Index is a rising trend and further rise is indicated. The index is now, however, near the ceiling of the trend channel, which can result in a reaction down. Moving average indicator sends buy signals. This indicator, seen  isolated, signals a further rise, but the inertia of the indicator means that you often miss a lot of upside. The index has now support at around 975 points. RSI is over bought, indicating that a short-term response should come down soon.

The index is considered overall technical positive for medium term.

The Top 10 Nordic Stocks

According to Investtech this is the best bets on single stocks in a medium term perspective (up to six months):

1. Bavarian Nordic, (bio tech), Denmark

2. UPM Kymmene, (industry) Finland

3. Lundin Mining, (mining), Sweden

4. Atlas Copco, (industry), Sweden

5. Alliance Oil, (oil), Sweden

6. Kungsleden, (property), Sweden

7. DSV, (transport), Denmark

8. Int Gold Exploration, (metals), Norway

9. D/S Norden, (shipping), Denmark

10. Bioinvent, (medical), Sweden

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