I Sincerely Thank You!

Over the last three months the traffic on the Econotwist’s Blog has tripled. The numbers of unique visitors per month has increased by over 200%, from December to February. I hope that means I’m doing something right. In any case; please except my humble gratitude and thanks, as I promise to do my best in the service of truth and knowledge.

“The history of our economy is filled with examples of collapsing markets, while there’s no example of such a thing as a soft landing.”

Econotwist (March 2th. 2007)

I can’t reveal the actual figures because they are from now on is regarded as “business sensitive information”. That means that I’m planning on expanding the site and it’s service. Today I add a new discussion forum by the name of MoonTalk.

I know you’ve been there; it’s 4 in the morning, can’t sleep, too much on my mind. TV’s on, but the sounds is off. Instead Pink Floyd is is quietly filling the atmosphere. What if? Will it work? Is this just another spaced out flight of the mind, or am I actually on to something here?…

You know the feeling, right?

Please, post your thoughts and feelings here at MoonTalk.

This is where ideas are born.

The Big Thoughts

Personally, I’m not sure if the economic recovery have started or not.

But at some point it will, and one thing I am sure of is that there will have to be big changes in the way our financial markets works.

I’m also realistic enough to see that everything that needs to be changed can’t be changed all at once. It will take some time.

But that makes it even more important that the framework we provide is adaptable to our long term plans, and that the necessary financial incentives is adequate and sustainable.

Therefore I invite you to share your deepest thoughts and feelings about the economic future – both on a global, national and corporate level, as well as on a personal level.

By doing so, we might be able to supply our politicians with  a few new possibilities, and provide investors with some new sound business opportunities.

First Thing First

Well, I guess we have to start with the acute crisis in Europe.

What long term solutions are there to the sovereign debt problem?

Researcher Anna Gibson with the international think tank Re-Define suggest that Europe implement a sovereign bankruptcy law, similar to chapter 9 in the U.S. bankruptcy law.

“The IMF would be the chosen arbitrator of this process, determining debt sustainability levels, judging debtors’ economic policies, and thus determining the necessary reduction of debt claims. Yet, facing criticism of creditor bias, with the IMF essentially being a judge in its own cause, alternative frameworks have been proposed. This includes the internationalization of Chapter 9 of the US bankruptcy code, originally intended to provide financially distressed municipalities with protection from creditors,” she writes in her blog  post.

Read the post and say what you think at MoonTalk.

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