Norway's New Prime Minister?

Norway’s young and ambitious Minister of Trade and Industry, Trond Giske, is surfacing to be a top candidate to for the job as the new Prime Minister after Jens Stoltenberg, political commentator Magne Lerø points out in this guest post.

“Giske is a political animal. He sees every speech as an opportunity. He appears as a winner, and is getting people to believe that he can make a difference.”

Magne Lerø

When Trond Giske seem to get along so well with the Norwegian business moguls like Kjell Inge Røkke and John Fredriksen, it’s probably because of the fact that they have a lot in common. They are brave, talented and controversial winners.

Giske can smile happy as he’s praised by the capital power.

“Trond Giske doing so well that even industrial leaders and Conservative sympathizer like Jens Ulltveit-Moe bends in the dust and brags uninhibited og him,” the newspaper VG  writes.

Ulltveit-Moe says he is impressed with his economic understanding and that he continues the aggressive style of  network building that made him a success as Minister of Culture. Mr. Ulltviet-Moe says Giske has already started a campaign to show that he is the right man to take over as Prime Minister when Jens Stoltenberg once retreat.

“Despite the fact that he has little in his toolbox, he has with the power of his personality and determination made shipping companies like John Fredriksen flags home his vessels, and made a good agreement with Kjell Inge Røkke  after all the noise last year,” says Ulltveit-Moe.

Election researcher Frank Aarebrot says Giske is emerging as a fabulous decision-making machine, a great network builder and that he currently is ahead of Minister of Foreign Affairs Jonas Gahr Støre in the race to take over after Jens Stoltenberg.

Trond Giske seems to enjoy having changed the church, culture and festivals with business,  capitalism and companies in crisis. At the annual conference of Næringslivets Hovedorganisasjon (NHO), he got great response.

“It must be allowed to succeed in Norway. This is my program. We must recognize and reward those who create impressive business, ” Giske said.

Just as we cheer up the great sport achievements, he will promote the best in commercial value creation. He wants to create  winners. Giske wish for an armada of people with drive, creativity and knowledge, which is passionate about their ideas and put (almost) every effort into their success.

He points at our top athletes as role models for those who will succeed in business.

It’s like listening to a conservative politician. The business leaders get the impression that it’s one of “their own” talking. The fact that Trond Giske is considered to be on the left side of the Labor Party, no one is noticing.

Giske is a political animal. He looks every speech as an opportunity. He appears as a winner and is getting people to believe that he can make a difference. He is not concerned with his lack of tools and all the limitations inherent in the EMU and other agreements.

He is concerned about showing that he can get things done.

He went straight from the NHO’s annual conference to China and became European champion in China trade.

His goal is for Norway to be the first country in Europe to get a comprehensive bilateral trade agreement with China. Applause again.

For the second time in a month he is in the United States.

“Turbo-Giske” is where things happens – with the big boys.

The first criticism that the government don’t do enough is already on the table, provided by the Norwegian industry’s trade unions.

Giske need to deal with Minister of Finance  Sigbjørn Johnsen who has closed the money bag. It doesn’t seem like he is going to hand out more money to anyone or anything.

But the critics don’t frame Mr. Giske.

This time the business people has been awarded a minister from the top shelf. They can not wish for a better companion than Giske. And Giske will voice his case within the government. He will perform as Minister of Industry minister, as well as he has managed as Minister of Culture.

As Minister of Trade and Industry he can not be a budget winner as he was as Minister of Culture. He can, however, be made a winner by the big boys in business.

Not everyone in the red/green political alliance of the current government are equally pleased with the fact that Giske appears to be capitalism‘s new wonderboy.

But Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg and the workers union (LO) like it. They don’t want that the conservatives to  appear as winners when it comes to value creation.

Trond Giske seems to be in tune with John Fredriksen and Kjell Inge Røkke. It’s no wonder. They have much in common. They are bold, clear, controversial, strong, creative, exceptionally strong decision-makers, and above all, they are, and continuously will be, winners.

By Magne Lerø

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