Top 10 Nordic Stocks

The technical analysts at presents an updated list of the top 10 Nordic stocks at the moment. Four of them are Swedish.

OMX Nasdaq Stockholm

According the Norwegian analysts this is the best Nordic investment opportunities in the months to come.

The list is created on basis of Investtech’s own technical analysis system and with a time frame between one and six months. (Medium Term).

Here’s the list:

1. Vostok Nafta, investment company, Sweden.

(“The share is testing support at SEK 32 and should signal a further rise. The price has fallen slightly, but an increase is indicated.”)

2. Alliance Oil Company, oil company, Sweden.

(“The share is in a rising trend and is testing support at SEK 110, this can lead to an upwards reaction.”)

3. DSV, transport, Denmark.

(“Rising trend, testing support at DKK 93.”)

4. Unibet Group, online gambling, Sweden.

(“Have met resistance at SEK 197 kroner, but are now signaling a rise to 220 or more.”)

5. New Wave Group, branding, Sweden.

6. Frontline, shipping, Norway.

7. Aker, industrial conglomerate, Norway.

8. Konecranes, industry supplier, Finland.

9.Outotec, mineral- and metal techniques, Finland.

10. RCCL, ship cruise, Norway.

The Nordic Markets:

Oslo Stock Exchange

Nasdaq OMX Stockholm

Nasdaq OMX Copenhagen

Nasdaq OMX Helsinki

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