Estonia gives six times U.S. earthquake aid to Haiti

Today’s “Big Heart Award” – if there was one – should be awarded the people of Estonia, which today pledged USD 1 million in earthquake aid to Haiti. It doesn’t seem like much, but measured against the country’s GDP it’s the highest national level of aid that’s been given so far. It equals six times the U.S. aid to Haiti.

“We want to send out a signal voicing our solidarity and condolences to the Haitian people.”

Miguel Angel Moratinos

(Article in English, links to sources in English)


Estonia has proved to have a big heart when it comes to aid to earthquake-ravaged Haiti, offering more than six times what the United States has announced in emergency relief, when GDP is taken into account, the EUobserver writes.

According to the UN’s Office of Co-ordination of Humanitarian Assistance, which tracks aid pledges, Estonia has announced a total of $1 million. In absolute terms the sum lies in the shadow of Washington’s $100 million, but as a percentage of its GDP, Estonia’s contribution amounts to 6.2 times the American offer.

Proportionately, if the US, and the EU as a whole were to give what Estonia is giving, Washington would have announced $620 million and Brussels $790 million.

Estonia comes top of the league tables of EU member state donors to Haiti, with Sweden, Denmark, Luxembourg and Belgium rounding out the top five, when GDP is taken into account.

Haiti, the poorest nation in the western hemisphere is to receive some €118 million in fresh European Union cash for humanitarian aid, it was announced on Monday (18 January).

The European nations has so far pledged a total of USD 575 million to Haiti.

“We want to send out a signal voicing our solidarity and condolences to the Haitian people,” the spanish foreign minister Mr. Miguel Angel Moratinos told reporters.

“This is the first time the EU has had to respond to such a crisis under the Lisbon Treaty,” he added, referring to the bloc’s newly centralised foreign policy co-ordination as laid out in the Lisbon Treaty.

Europe will also be sending a contingent of European gendarmes to support the re-imposition of civil order.

Read the full article at here.

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0 thoughts on “Estonia gives six times U.S. earthquake aid to Haiti

  1. thanks for the link, but it’s not 6.2 percent of GDP, but 0.000043 percent of GDP. but this is still HUGE compared to what almost everybody has offered. (guyana just pipped estonia, acutally – estonia is the second biggest donor). as a journalist i am very, very cynical about all these politicians – well, let’s be honest, bastards – most of the time, but i was genuinely moved by estonia’s contribution. bloody amazing.


    • Thanks for the correction and update, Leigh!
      And I belive your take on the politicians are reasonable.
      But, as you, I think this particular gesture deserves the tribue.


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