Please, Give This Man An Award!

Comedy Central‘s Jon Stewart is one of those rare commentators that over and over again manage to hit the nail precisely on the head. “Are our banks made of balsa wood held together by baby tears,” he asks in this weeks global edition of The Daily Show. Intelligent humor can be a powerful tool in a political struggle. As well as comfort in difficult times. Political satire is also one effective, but sadly forgotten,  techniques of basic journalism.

“I guess the only difference between movie stars and bankers is that when Nicolas Cage lost all his money, I didn’t have to bail him out.”

Jon Stewart

(Article in English)

“Let me se if I got this straight; the only people that have recovered from the financial meltdown is the ones who caused the financial meltdown.”

“When recover I mean; apparently re-dipping theirs balls in gold.”

See the hilarious comments on Wall Street bonuses by Jon Stewart here.

(Full episode here)

More Tea, Sir?

Some british actors and comedians also deserve some kind of award for their eminent satirical coverage of the financial crises.

One of my favorites is the interview with the nobel banker, “Sir George”, appearing in The Financial Times in october last year.

It starts like this:

Sir George: I know this isn’t going to be about bankers bonuses….

Interviewer: No, oh no, it’s going to be about the future of the world economy.

Sir George: Oh, well, as long as it’s nothing important…..

Here’s the full interview with “Sir George”:


“A caricature is putting the face of a joke on the body of a truth.”
(Joseph Conrad, (1857-1924), british author)

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