2010 Analysis: "11 Black Swans"

The independent research and financial advisory firm Wealth Daily presents a list of 11 possible “Black Swans” for 2010. Among the highly unlikely (but possible) events is; total collapse in China, England will be forced to seek help from IMF and Dow Jones hits 20 000.

“No one is talking about an extended bull market, and I’ll grant you that with the amount of debt the U.S. has taken on – on both personal and national levels – it seems the market’s geared for a long up-move.”

Brian Hicks

(Article in Norwegian, links to reports in English)

Wealth Daily er liten skjelden blomst i det enorme universet av internasjonale analyse- og investeringsrådgivere.

Selskapets grunnlegger, Brian Hicks, beskriver sin investeringsfilosofi på denne måten:

“The greatest investment advice I ever received didn’t come from Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch, or my grandfather. It came from a car salesman I never knew or met. And I’ll bet you never heard of him either. He lives in California and his name is Carlos Gray. Carlos grew up as the son of a migrant worker from Mexico and a WWII veteran from Rockford, Tennessee. He never went to college, but that didn’t stop him from becoming the richest person in his family. To date, Carlos’ net worth is in excess of $9 million. He didn’t become wealthy by trading stocks or flipping real estate. He did it in a most unique way. He did it by selling cars.Mind you, Carlos doesn’t own any car dealerships and never has. And he didn’t sell expensive cars like Mercedes, Ferraris, Rolls Royces or Jaguars. He built his wealth selling cars that sold for less than $20,000.”

Siden oppstarten i 1994 har Brian Hicks spesialisert seg på å identifisere billige, undervuderte og nærmest ukjente aksjer, og kan vise til en imponerende vekst i sine kunders porteføljer.

I 2002 anbefalte Wealth Daily kjøp av selskapet Polymet. Siden da har aksjen steget 7780 prosent.

Wealth Daily utgir daglige investeringstips, i tillegg til jevnlige makroøkonomiske spesialrapporter.

Her er Brian Hicks liste over mulige overraskelser i 2010:

1.Full kollaps i Kina.

2. England går konk, og må be IMF om krisehjelp.

3. Alle kullkraftverk blir nedlagt.

4. Prisen på uranium spretter opp til 90 dollar per pund.

5. Demokratene klarer å beholde flertallet i den amerikanske Kongressen.

6. Kina dropper dollaren som referansevaluta.

7. Iran utvikler sin første atombombe.

8. Nytt krakk i boligmarkedet.

9. Dow Jones-indeksen når 20 000 poeng.

10. Solenergi blir en hovedkilde for energi.

11. USA legaliserer mariuana.

Here’s a short version of the report “11 Black Swans”.

Here’s  Wealth Daily’s “2010 Stock Market Outlook”.

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