Obama's Speech Ruled as "Historical"

Most Norwegian politicians, commentators and scientists agree that President Obama’s speech at the Nobel Peace Prize Award was a retorical masterpiece. Not only did Obama’s almost poemical arguments about warfare make the Crown Princess of Norway cry, the performance at Oslo City Hall goes straight into the history books as one of the best speeches ever, compared with the words of Martin Luther King and John F. Kennedy.

The mayor of Oslo City, Mr.Fabian Stang, descibes Mr. Obama’s speech as a resorical masterpiece.

– He managed to balance the incredible difficult paradox of working for peace at the same time as he’s increasing his warfare, says the mayor.

And when asked to grade the speech on a scale from 0 to 10, he replies:

– it’s a 20!

The vice president of the Norwegian Parlament, Mr. Per-Kristian Foss, says the U.S. president was brave.

– It was the politician, the president and the peace prize winner rolled into one, he says.

– He went straight to the critisim of himself, and the critisim on the Afghan warfare. I think he did very well.

– The speech was a good defence of the american policies, Mr. Foss adds.

– Everything was perfect – the presentation, the rythm, the distinction and his presens. He barly looked at the manuscript, professor of Nordic Language and Literature, Mr. Kjell Lars Berge points out.

– His carisma is unbelivable, his language fantastic, this is almost poetry, professor Berge says.

– It was beautiful the way he spoke about a glimse of the devine in every one of us. He grabs the moment and make us belive the same as he does, Mr. Berge adds.

It was also at this point in the performance that the Norwegian Crown Princess could not hold back her royal tears.

But she was probably not the only one.

This is the excact phrase:

“This award is not simply about the efforts of my administration; it’s about the courageous efforts of people around the world. And that’s why this award must be shared with everyone who strives for justice and dignity; for the young woman who marches silently in the streets on behalf of her right to be heard, even in the face of beatings and bullets; for the leader imprisoned in her own home because she refuses to abandon her commitment to democracy; for the soldier who sacrificed through tour after tour of duty on behalf of someone half a world away; and for all those men and women across the world who sacrifice their safety and their freedom and sometime their lives for the cause of peace.”

According to the analysis of professor Svennevig at Oslo Univercity President Obama started with the political aspects of the war in Afghanistan, then he became philosophical and finished in a religious, almost preaching way.

– He dare to use the big words. He talks about love, belife and the devine in a strong and clear way. It signals that he has the courage to pull out the big questions, and he makes it work, it dosen’t get shallow, patetic or ridicilous. He starts at the top and manages to stay there, says Mr. Svennevig.

– Obama has an extraoedinary ability to excite, He adds a “Dr.Feelgood”-factor by creating hope, entusiasm and belife of things can change, says professor of socioligy, Mr. Anders Todal Jenssen.

“I have a dream”, “Ich bin ein Berliner” and “Yes we can”.

The two first quotes fra Martin Luther King and John F. Kennedy. The last of Barack Obama.

A new retorical master has entered the scene, and the world is left blended, dazzeling and filled with admiration, Norwegian media reports.

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