Obama Not Conserned About failure

The president of The United States has just finished his meeting with the Norwegian press after his meeting with the prime minister Jens Stoltenberg.

When asked about the Nobel Peace Price he said the he was surprised by the nomination, and that there’s probably other people in the world that deserves it more.

In response to question about how he’s going to make himself worthy of the price, he said his task was to persue the things he’s already doing; stabilizing Afganistan, working for a world without nucular weapons and preventing the effects of climate change.

What if you fail? reportes wanted to know. The president responded:

– It’s not a popularity contest, Mr.Obama said, adding the he will contiue to strengthen the U.S. as “a force of good” in the world.
– If I succseed, the critque will probably quiet. If I don’t, it can’t be my consern. No price can help me.

US reporters wanted to know about the five americans arrested in Pakistan yesterday, but Obama said there he had to little information about what has happend.

On Afganistan the president confirmed his plans to start transfering responsibilities to local authorities by 20th of July 2011, in the same way that’s been done in Iraq.

Prime minister Jens Soltenberg told the press he belived the Nobel Peace Price to Barack Obama is a well deserved price, and that he support the Peace Price Committee’ decision.
-It’s a bold decision, Mr. Stoltenberg concluded.

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